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Genetic breeding is a science and one has to be not only passionate and dedicated but educated and experienced to really do it right. We have been genetic breeders for over twenty years and we are still learning more about genetics.

Our poodle studs.

Our Poodle Breeder Studs


Our Poodle Breeder Dams

Our sires and dams are decicively chosen from those raised right here at Smith Standard Poodles except for some that are acquired from other qualified professional breeder(s) that we approve of or do joint breeding projects with. They are then raised here as pups and when old enough qualified and then health certified for breeding. Our females have their first litter at about two years of age and we retire them at five to six years of age.

Our breeding program is carefully planned for the best match up of genetics to obtain offspring with the best genetic traits as well as eliminating the undesirable traits. Our standard is that each qualified breeding candidate produces good health, the best of temperaments and then intelligence, conformation and beauty. Producing all the colors that we breed for necessitates as many males as females so that we will have non-related males to breed back to the females we keep to put back in our breeding program.

So, when purchasing a Standard Poodle, please take the time to listen to the breeder so you can determine if they are in fact a qualified experienced breeder and not someone that is just breeding dogs to dogs without a true knowledge of producing quality genetics. Intelligent, educated people purchase Standard Poodles and can discern if they are talking to someone who is a truly experienced qualified breeder.