Recommended Standard Poodle Breeder & Testimonials


Our client satisfaction speaks for itself as our reputation among our extended poodle puppy family proceeds us. Please pull up a seat and take a moment to browse through our many recommendations and satisfied poodle families. If you are a Smith Standard Poodle owner and would like to be added to our Testimonial Page, please feel free to email us your testimonial and a photo of your Poodle for our website.


Cheri Andrews Cheri Andrewsb“This is Cheri Andrews and I got my wonderful parti standard poodle from you on May 24, 2008. (Cloudy F#7). I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are going. Her name is Zoe and when you said that standard poodles are so smart you have to spell in front of them, you were not kidding! It is amazing how smart she is! Zoe is also the big hit of the family. My kids come home from college just to see her! She has such a wonderful personality, and is so much company, and brings so much joy into all of our lives. Zoe and I have attended puppy classes at Tulsa Dog Training Club and she is always the star pupil of her class. In fact, last night at class she won “top dog”. (I wish I could say that I was surprised, but I wasn’t).  I must say that she is absolutely ADORABLE!!

I am so glad that I stumbled upon your web site months ago. I cannot imagine life without my Zoe.” Thanks again, Cheri Andrews


Cherry Vickersb Cherry Vickers“Here are a couple of photos of Elouis (AKA Louie) at four months. I’m so proud of her and the many compliments I receive on her beautiful brindle coat. She’s a great friend and hiking companion. She’s already learning some agility tricks (hoop jumping is her favorite) and she’s even tried her paw at a little search and rescue training. I do admit, though, it’s a challenge staying one step ahead of her. Can’t you tell by her eyes in this photo how she’s plotting to outsmart me? 

Can’t thank you enough for helping me fulfill my dream of owning and training a standard poodle! She’s an endless source of joy!” – Cherry Vickers, Lake Ozark, MO


Carol Barnett“CoCoa is fantastic STILL. At night before we go to sleep she has to lay on top of me for just a few minutes for her last good night loves. After she helped me teach the puppy kindergarten class last night I was working her in the class we are in and our teacher was showing me how to down her on a heeling patern without her head or rear end going down first – all at one time is what we are shooting for well CoCoa got tired of all this and since the teacher had never seen her do her rolls she decided it was time. Walk – Drop – Roll. We all about laughed till we cried. The look she gave our teacher. Everyone loves to watch her work. She is so happy. Sometimes she does add her own idea to the command…. “

Thank you for my chocolate Standard Poodle, CoCoa! – Carol Barnett


Eric and Beth HornbeckbEric and Beth Hornbeck“We purchased two Standard Poodles from Smith Poodles about a year and a half ago and could not be happier. I have had Poodles my entire life and these two take the cake. Well behaved yet incredible energy and intelligence, some times smarter than what is good for them. They are our house dogs to be sure but love the outdoors and are incredibly athletic. My wife and I are runners and these two think nothing of running four or five miles with us but are also content with laying on the couch and watching TV with us, yes watching TV and their favorite is the Animal channel! I have No reservations in recommending a Smith Poodle to anyone. They are truly wonderful dogs!” – Eric and Beth Hornbeck


Roger and Alice“Our family lost our beloved 8 year old male PWD last August to a brain tumor within two weeks of seeing the first symptoms. After two weeks of being totally crushed by the loss we decided that we were going to have to add the fourth leg of the family back under us. Since asthma is a factor with us we knew it was going to have to be another PWD or a Standard Poodle to raise with our 10 year old PWD. I started surfing the web for a puppy of either breed and discovered Smith Kennels and their great looking Standard Parti Poodles. Both of our hearts gave a tug when we saw the pictures of Jaz and knew he would be the one. We were both a little apprehensive about ordering a puppy on line without seeing the parents in person but a couple of phone calls to past clients that had purchased puppy’s through the Smith Kennels convinced us to go ahead. Jaz has turned out to be all we hoped for – bright – funny and with a great easy going personality. He has melded well with our older alpha dog and now considers him her puppy to raise. We will purchase another puppy through them when Liz passes on.” – Roger and Alice


Elizabeth Gardiner“Three years ago I started a very extensive search for a new standard poodle. Fortunately I found Smith Poodles and that changed everything. Piper, the beautiful girl in the foreground, just captured my attention and next my heart. This gorgeous dog is gentle and kind with my little old toy poodles. The surprise was what an athlete she soon proved to be. I took her to the poodle club fun runs where she easily displayed her grace and speed. I knew she would enjoy a buddy to run and play so after two years I went back to Smith Poodles for my gorgeous parti standard poodle, Beau. A big gentle boy who loves to snuggle on the couch and tries his best to keep up with Piper. He is still a pup so I know he will make it. He is greatly admired wherever I take him for his outstanding  confirmation and distinctive markings. Smith Standard Poodles consistently is providing outstanding standard poodles!”– Elizabeth Gardiner


Debbie Jackson MIDebbie Jackson MIb“This is my beautiful Jakki, a Bridgett and Max female born in September of 2006. I have toy poodles, but always dreamed of the day when I could own one of the beautiful Standard Poodles. I had spent many hours perusing the web and searching the standard poodle sites. Yours was the one site that I would always return to. The quality and beauty of your standard poodles could not be matched. When the time came that I was able to purchase a parti standard poodle, yours was the kennel that I chose. Jakki came to my home via plane and was a wonderful, healthy, affectionate darling right from the start. She is so smart and a beautiful companion. I recommend Smith Poodles to anyone who is considering adding this wonderful breed as a new member to their home. Thank you once again for my lovely Jakki.”

God Bless, Debbie Jackson, MI


Rianne van Zonb Rianne van ZonHallo “Katie is the best that came to us. She is sweet, kind, playfull, lissening very well, everybody likes here, she got a lot of friend, and sometimes she acts like a crazy dog. She is healthy, we let her tested on her hips eyes and elbows and it is 100%. Maybe in the future we want a girlfriend for Katie and then we want one from your dogs again. Katie is a lovely dog. Thank yor for that, and i hope you can make many people happy with such great dogs.”

Greatings from Holland, Rianne van Zon


Nancy & Chris Macmanus“Our brindle & white parti standard poodle, Elliot arrived in 10/06, son of Mo Bandy/Candice. He has added more to our family than we could have imagined! He excels at obedience training, loves agility class and is about to take his Canine Good Citizen test to join the rank of therapy dogs, visiting children at hospitals. Intelligent, sensitive, affectionate, he’s a 57 lb. lap dog. Whatever is done, is done with great conviction, be it cohorting with his standard poodle brother, swimming at the dog pool, hiking in the Colorado Rockies, watching Animal Planet, or just being a couch potato. We think of you at Smith Poodles with such appreciation for all the right things you must do to have provided us with a well socialized, easy to groom, fun loving guy. Thank you for our boy!”

Wags! Nancy & Chris Macmanus


Ken & Fayth Haliburton“This is Mya (Lily’s F#3) born 6/9/08. Now at 6 mos. old, Mya is a “chocolate beauty” standing 23 in. tall at the shoulders, with a 25 in. body length, weighing in at 49.2 lbs. Everywhere we go, people always say what a beautiful dog she is. Mya is a perfect lady at the groomers and the vet, they both rave about her. She rides in the rear-passengers seat, sitting in the window like a person, so well-behaved. Mya has run of the house, only crated when we can’t take her with us, which is rarely. She loves people, other dogs & kids. Thanks to SmithPoodles for a well-socialized, intelligent puppy. When she arrived at the airport, she was so clean and beautifully groomed. Mya adapted quickly to her new home. We would never trust anyone else when it comes to Standard poodles. The service was great, the Smith family are great people. Thanks again.” Ken & Fayth Haliburton Midlothian, VA


Sharon & Bob Shermanb Sharon & Bob Sherman“We’re really enjoying Coffey Bean (our poodle).  He is a real character and so much fun!!!  Your training in the first few weeks has been very helpful.  Thank you. Our daughter has anew little business selling harnesses, etc.  We are using him for a model and he sure is a good one.”    Regards, Sharon & Bob Sherman


PAT & GALE JOENSUUb PAT & GALE JOENSUU“We had a great trip home with Abbie. She travelled as well as you said. She’s excited about all the new things in the real world. She has learned to sit, go to the door when she needs to go out, sit by her food bowl when it’s empty, etc. We’ll be taking her to obedience school for puppies soon, but I think she may be ready to skip a few grades. We’re happy, proud, new parents and are grateful for the wonderful dogs you raise.”

Best regards, PAT & GALE JOENS


Chris Mo Trash Can HeadHey Mick & Ann, “As you know, Mo has a real “problem” with eating out of the trash cans. The mousetrap didn’t work, he came walking out of the room with it attached to his beard, so I decided to outfox him, and bought all trash cans with a top!  Attached you will see how successful I was…………”  – Chris


Karen Yeamansc Karen Yeamansb

Hi Smith Standard Poodles

Just wanted you to know how much we adore our puppy. At 6 months she knows all basic silent commands, is wonderfully calm, obedient and intelligent. She’s quite a hiking girl too, as the attached photo of our K.T. in Sedona, AZ, hiking on the Brins Mesa trail on April 12th shows. Note the snow in the background which is unusual for this time.

K.T. is everything that you described and we are having so much fun with her. We can’t go anywhere without great conversation from people about what a beautiful well behaved pup she is. Thank you for working with me to pick out her personality, as it fits our family perfectly. When people ask me about her I give them your website address and tell them the type of wonderful experience I had dealing with you.

Again, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with this wonderful addition to our family. K.T. is simply the greatest.

Thank you, Karen Yeamans


Beau and Mary WinburnWould we recommend Smith Standard Poodles to anyone considering buying a poodle? You bet! We are currently owned by 3 Smith standards and love every minute of it! In 2006 after the death of my 17 ½ year old standard girl, I began searching the internet for a new playmate for my remaining standard boy Clifford who was 7 years old. I fell in love with the pic of Murphy a big brown and white boy, but we were very skeptical of buying a poodle online. We discussed this with Mick and decided to drive from Florida to the Smith farm. Mick and Anne were very accommodating and after a thorough tour of their facility we were very impressed and brought Murphy home. We were so impressed with Murphy that we got a playmate for him from Smith poodles 3 months later named Molly. She is our black and white princess and the apple of her daddy’s eye! Not quite a year ago not being able to resist a red standard boy we saw on the Smith website Clancy became part of our poodle family. All of our Smith poodles are healthy, calm, intelligent and athletic and just a pure joy to be owned by! We are stopped everywhere we go and complimented on their good looks and behavior. – Beau and Mary Winburn


Amy & Larry Bedrosianb Amy & Larry Bedrosian

Smith (Standard) Poodles,

We love our Parti Poodle Lucie; parents are Candice and Mo Bandy (Feb.2007). Lucie is well-socialized and an excellent protector of our home. Her perfect day would be running off-leash in the woods or chasing her friends at the Dog Park, but never out-of-sight of her owner. I have birdfeeders set-up throughout our backyard, so she contently watches the birds and squirrels from our living room windows throughout the day. Evenings she cuddles with us on the couch. As you can see by the photos she happily travels with us where ever we go!! Her regal stature draws the attention of countless strangers asking questions about the breeder (Smith Poodles). Honestly I searched the website for weeks talking with different breeders, but was truly enlighten when I spoke with Mick and Teri at Smith Poodles. They were knowledgeable and insightful to my dream of owning a standard. Their passion for finding me the ultimate companion stood out among the rest! Lucie was my first dog as an adult and my husband was totally against me getting her, but as Mick promised she was going to be “Daddy’s Little Girl” and she sure is! As I’ve shared many times before, thank you for sending us the perfect family member…she completes our life! These have been the best 2 years of our life and we owe it to you.

Amy & Larry Bedrosian – Waltham, Ma.


Rick and Connie ChurchHi, Everyone at Smith Poodles,

Thought I would share some pictures of my chocolate standard smith poodle I and my husband purchased in Dec 2008. We have had so many people come up and ask about Deezel saying what a beautiful dog he is. Deezel is so smart, its hard to believe he can spell, but every time we spell eat, cookie or bone he knows what we are talking about. It is so fun having Deezel around and sharing our lives with him. We just want to say thank you for breeding such wonderful, loving animals as our Deezel.

Thanks Again, Rick and Connie Church


Emily B. TindelDear Mick & Ann,

My family bought a gorgeous phantom from you Stella (f/k/a Sheri from Allie and Starsky) and we seriously think we have the best dog ever born. I referred my coworker to you and he bought a black female from you back in February. I tell everyone who wants a poodle to use you and your family’s dogs. My husband and I have come sooooo close to getting another but are waiting for another couple of years, maybe sooner. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful pet and a loving dog for my family. We’d be lost without her!

Emily B. Tindel


Sharon CashionTruly (left) is going to be phenomenal at agility. He is already jumping incredibly high through the hoops, has got the weave down and is getting the hang of the platform. Both Truly and Magic have started on scent training. Truly is excelling at everything with great enthusiasm. My little smart boy, Magic (right), loves to learn new things but once he has it down he is already “past” it and ready to go to the next thing. I love them both.

Thank you! Sharon Cashion – Conroe, Tx.


Jenae warrenRosie has turned into a beautiful girl. She will be in the poodle parade in carmel ca october 1st – watch for photos on poodle parade site for the smith poodle representative!

Jenae Warren – Encino, California


Alyson ArnoldMike & Ann,

Just wanted to thank you very much for all the information you provided me yesterday when I was there to pick out my dog. It was very helpful, I love her and she is doing well. I thought I would check in with you just to let you know all is well. Also I had a question about the yogurt? I was wondering how much of that do I give to her a day, and do I give it to her with her food or without? I am taking her to the vet this afternoon. Just wanted to thank you for your time, education and for showing me one of the most exquisite breeding facilities. Everything in your website is a true testament of what you stand for and being able to see that in person was amazing. I am very privileged to have all the information that you provided.

Thank you , Alyson Arnold


Karin and Doug SmithWe have been blessed to have many wonderful dogs in our lives, but our standard poodle from Smith Poodles is the most exceptional dog we have ever owned. When Mick writes that his dogs are calm, intelligent and have great temperaments, he is writing the truth. Our dog Boone is amazing in every way. He is handsome and people stop us all the time to comment on his stunning appearance. He is unbelievably affectionate and compassionate. He is more like a son than a dog. When I was ill he stayed right by my side, snuggled against my side for hours on end. He is so smart and while he is energetic and fun, he obeys very well and and his understanding is uncanny.

Here in Dallas there are many of us who have gotten our beloved Standard Poodles from Smith Poodles and we count ourselves blessed to have found them. My groomer says she can always spot a poodle from their farm because they are so well bred.

This picture is of my beloved Boone and I this past halloween. He greeted every child who came to our door literally with a smile and they adored him. He was the hit of the neighborhood! We plan to get a female in the future to keep Boone company and the only breeder we would ever use is Mick Smith! Feel free to call me in person if you have any questions! Mick has my phone number.

Karin and Doug Smith (now have their 2nd Smith Poodle – A Parti Female!)

  Divider KristineDear Mick and Ann,

Here is a picture of me and my spoiled baby!!!! She is the love of my life and I’ve never been happier. She is absolutely beautiful!! We are working on the potty training and she is doing well. She sleeps with me every night and never wakes up until I get up in the morning. She wants me to hold her constantly and sits in my lap if I sit down or if I’m on the computer. She loves her toys and especially the pink tennis ball. She prances around the house like she has the biggest prize of all. Will send picture as she grows and keep in touch. Thank You So Much!

Sincerely, Kristine



Mick and Ann,

I had taken this picture of Brody yesterday, I think we called him Taylor when we were corresponding with you prior to receiving our beautiful boy….He is the nicest, most pleasant dog, greatest temperament out of any dog we had ever owned…Cris my wife and I would not ever know life without our new Brody (which is his name now)…he is such an addition to our family. My other two poodles cry when he is not in their presence…. Thank you so so much for Brody ..he has brought so much happiness and joy to our home….. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless….


Hello Mick and Ann,

Happy New Year and I hope you are both doing well. I’m the proud owner of Niki girl (who is now 8 years old) whom I purchased from you at 6 months old. You may be happy to know that Sandy is a therapy dog. We visit our local hospital and I volunteer to work with special needs children. One child in particular whom we have seen 3 years in a row at our local “Make a Difference Day” Halloween Party has been by far our best customer. The connection she makes with Sandy is precious and priceless.

I very strongly recommended the Johnson’s contact you and I’m happy to see that they purchased a red male (Flame) from you. She also told me that Flame is from Sandy’s bloodline. I am so touched and wanted to thank you for helping out this family in finding the perfect dog for Emily.

I’m a very proud owner of this awesome poodle and I wanted to share this video with you. You do breed the best dogs.

Kindly, Karen Bays HumanKind — Be Both!


Dean, Donna & Alex MillerMick and Ann,

You sent us Lola in Dec 2011. We have been in LOVE ever since her arrival at the Philadelphia airport. We have another standard poodle named Lucy and these two girls got along from day one. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she has a wonderful temperament , just like your promised. Lola is still a baby, but she is so intelligent and so loving.  We have a neighbor who also has a parti from you and she agrees with us, we both would only get poodles from Smiths Poodles. Thank you again for sending us our lovely Lola.

Dean, Donna & Alex Miller – Newtown Pa


AndreaHello Mick and Ann,

I just wanted to let you know, that we are so happy to have such a wonderful little girl now.  I have dogs since more than 20 years, but Izzie is the best I ever knew.  She is doing very well in rescue dog training, all my trainers are flashed. They normally work only with German Shepherds, Malinois, Rottweiler and Border Collies here in Austria and they have been very skeptic before they met Izzie. She is loved by every human and every dog. Look at the photo – isn’t she a copy of her dad? Thank you so much for this wonderful pup!!! If you like, you can use this for your testimonial site.

Yours, Andrea


Judy and RhettHi, Mick and Ann!

Just wanted you to know how much I love my beautiful brown parti boy–Smith’s Diamond Rhett. He is now three years old and is the highlight of everyone’s life that he meets. Everyone stops to ooh and aah over him on his visits to the nursing home to visit my Dad and all the residents. He is well known for his great personality “Mr. Social Butterfly” at Petsmart. He is so sweet, mischievous and laid back at the same time. Loves his kitty friends and follows verbal and hand commands!! Thank you for being so dedicated to bringing the best poodles ever into to this world! You are awesome!!

Enjoy the photo! ~Judy and Rhett   Divider Allyson Benderb Allyson Benderc

Mick and Ann,

Hello. My father (Curtis Bender) purchased Bella “Renae” from you March she is almost 2 this coming March. I wanted to send some pictures she is beautiful and smart. She loves to play ball and go for walks. When is your next batch of phantom poodles coming out? I would like to purchase her future sister or brother within the next 2 years. Take Care. You guys do a great job. Allyson Bender (Kansas City)

**Update – Allyson finished her degree and became a licensed Nurse Practicioner who now practices in Myrtle Beach, S.C. She did get her Smith Standard Poodle, Chet. Here is his puppy photo…

Update - Allyson finished her degree and became a licensed Nurse Practicioner who now practices in Myrtle Beach, S.C. She did get her Smith Standard Poodle, Chet. Here is his puppy photo...


Hello from Austria update! Hallo Ann, Hallo Mick,

I hope you are doing well. Izzie (Charizma) became the most beautiful and adorable girl you can imagine. Enclosed I submit a few photos. I had to show her for getting her papers registered in Austria. And we went to this one needed show. (I hate shows, we are doing sports with our dogs and I want to groom them sporty) AND She won the breeding award 2013 of the Austrian Poodles Association with 630 of 645 possible points (that`s really great)! I hope, you enjoy these pics, feel free to use them on your website.

Best regards from Austria, Andrea Doubek

Andrea Doubekb Andrea Doubek


Joanne & Mike Douglasb Joanne & Mike DouglasThis is Poppy at 12 months! As you can see she loves the dog park in Georgetown, TX ( 6 acres of fenced pecan grove) What a great companion!

Yeah, she usually looks pretty scruffy but the people at the dog park visualize her as the “dog park prom queen”

Joanne & Mike Douglas


Tucker Sit!

Tucker Sit!

Tucker Shake!

Tucker Catch!


Connor, our great-grandson, loves to play with Tucker and Tucker obeys his commands over and over. Standard Poodles love children and have such great patience with them!

Mick & Ann – Smith Poodles – give us a call for your new Standard today!                  


Morgan Hollingsworth, a Smith Poodle customer, is an airplane pilot.

He sent us this photo of Jake up in the plane with him.Morgan Hollingsworth

Mick & Ann,
Here is Jake’s first flight; I even let him take the controls for a minute! He loved it!

Morgan Hollingsworth
Spokane, Washington


Mick & Ann:BevERicksonTestimny2 BevEricksonTestimony1

Like everyone who has a Smith Poodle, I can’t resist sending you an update of our two boys, Eli (7 years old) & Wyatt (1 1/2 years old). We live in Fort Myers in the winter and travel during the summer months…these boys get to see the USA! Thanks for breeding such good pups!



Razzle Dazzle Sharon Mcmanus

Named him Razzle “Dazzle” . Picked him up from first grooming. His coloring is really starting to show. He is 15 weeks weighs 27.5 pounds, already they the beginning and intermediate training classes and now working on things like roll over, find it, kiss me, put your toys in the toy box . My trainer says he doesn’t know what he is going to do with him but will think of something :). He also said he has never worked with any other poodles like the 3 I have gotten fro Smith Poodles Mick. Thank you so much for calling me about this very special puppy. I love him to death!!
Sincerely, Sharon


Mick and Ann,
I am forwarding some pics of “Chuck,” now Augustus McCrea Haynes (“Gus”). He is a joy! Conley and I have so enjoyed his antics; no need to tell you, but he is smart, a character, oh so cute and loves to ride on the tractor. Our Akita is in the photo with him. We are still feeding Gus what you recommended, but we’re also feeding the same to Gabby. As you can tell, she is skinny and not a big eater.

Hope you enjoy the photos,
Marcia and Conley Haynes


001 (3)




Zoies sister Briana


Hi Mick and Ann,

Briana here wishing my sister, Zoie, a happy birthday today. Hope she has a fun birthday.
My Mom is giving us a party tonight. Yeah,  can’t wait.
Thanks again for my best friend I love her with all my heart.
Jackie Jones


Val4 Val3 Val2 Val1






Hi Mick and Ann,

Valentino is 4 months old today. He is well over 25 pounds, that is what he weighed the last time we sent to the vet a couple of weeks ago. He had a nice bath today and he is so cute and adorable. He is a good boy, fun, good natured. Next week we will take him to a group obedience class and also have a private lesson. My husband loves him as does everyone. I will keep you in touch as he grows up. Thanks again.

Best regards, Linda Capeloto Sendowski


Here are a few photos of Zasha (out of Sadie and Hank) from one of our customers, Jim & Frieda Solomon, shared with us on our Facebook page (!



4 years old. She is the best girl ever. -Pam Pitman

Smith's Lilly White Lights

Smith’s Lilly White Lights


Best two dogs ever! Sophie 7 years old and Duchess 11 years. Smith poodles have wonderful pups! We couldn’t be happier with our poodles! 

Duchess & Sophie

Duchess & Sophie


Dear Smith Poodles,

Our Brady, daughter of Yeager & Spirit;  turned 32 weeks today. I thought would send you some pictures of her. Isn’t she beautiful. I don’t think words could Express How much we love her. She is the smartest Dog with the Best disposition. I can honestly tell you that she can stop traffic! I kid you not and it has happened at least a half dozen times. One woman actually pulled over and got out of her car to pet her before continuing on. The compliments we receive on her looks are too multiple to count. We never fail to tell them that she is a Smith Poodle in Arkansas. She has been with us just six months but I know I can speak for both me and my wife and we say we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Highest regards and gratitude,

Tom & Corie Wilcoxwilcox puppy

Hi, Mick & Ann!

Just wanted to update you on our sweet Ketel baby.  He’ll be 1 in 5 days and is 79lbs!  Attached is a photo of him right before our wedding ketelthis April, so that was him at 9 months.  We just adore him and could not imagine a life without.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Cat & Matt


This is Cozette out of Leila and Joey. Can’t believe she’s a year old. We LOVE her!!  ~Aleta Ford11899965_10204835161814984_570868172999713695_n



My Dad and I are in love with this little fellow! He’s known to us as Othello now (Cash). Thank you so much. -Christina Best and Willie BestdividerI can’t believe that I was worried that this puppy wouldn’t be big enough! Here is pic of him in late Aug with my 17lb dog and tonight with the 74lb Standard!

I love this dog!! You are producing a quality, sound, wonderful temperament dogs. I recommend your kennel to my Standard Poodle clients.

Best regards,

Lauren Keating, DVM -Natural Bridge, VA.

IMG_0073 IMG_0124


Hello Mick and Ann, 
Jase 4 months IMG_20151101_154913579

Thank you for my puppy, Jase (aka Luge) from Edie and Magic’s litter 6/18/15. Jase has been the best dog and I love him very much Not only is he adorable, but he is very loving and devoted to me too. He has a gentle and calm temperament just like you stated his parents have. I’ve had lots of dogs throughout my life but none as nice as Jase. I expect puppies to be a lot of work and defiant when it comes to teaching them obedience training. However, I have been astonished how easy it has been to train Jase. He is very intelligent and responsive. He understands right away what is expected of him and then complies.
You said he would be doggy door trained and he was. I installed a doggy door and Jase knew right away how to use it. In fact, Jase taught my German Shepherd how to use the doggy door too. Once I installed the door we did not have any potty accidents what so ever.
Because Jase is so amazing, now several family members wished they would have purchased puppies from the same litter as Jase.IMG_20151027_151514697

Thanks again for my puppy Jase. I can’t imagine life without him. My German Shepherd loves him too!


Bernadette Merrill

UPDATE: 1/11/17

Hi Mick & Ann,

I thought you might like to see my Smith Poodle, Jase, all grown up. Jase, (aka Luge) is from Edie and Magic’s litter 6/18/15. Jase is such a lovely dog both in looks and in personality. He exceeded my expectations and was very easy to train. I think he understood everything I say to him since day one. I can’t imagine life without him. He is with me day and night, always by my side. Because Jase is such a great companion and fun to be around I’m hooked on only having Smith Poodle’s from now on. I check your website frequently to see your nursery news and look at all the beautiful dogs and pups. After having Jase I can see why your customers keep coming back and why they buy more than one of your puppies. Thank you again for giving me a wonderful dog. I’m watching for another Magic and Edie litter.

Warm regards,

Bernadette Merrill



Leech-PreciousHello Mick and Ann,

Precious is a delight to have around two old people. She is well behaved and has a great disposition around us and our friends. She is only seven months old; therefore she still has some puppy moments from time to time. We are very happy with her and are glad we decided to get another poodle. She is the fourth standard that we have had over the last many years and is our first cream colored one. We were a little concerned about her having teary eyes as we have seen in other white poodles, but she has clear eyes. A great pet in all respects.

Sincerely, Jud and Mary Leech

dividerQuincyQuincy 2/13/12, Brandi & Starsky, is all we hoped for & more. So smart we have to spell, but then he eventually can spell the word also! He is gentle, loving and has never met a dog he didn’t like. People stop us all the time & say what a beautiful dog he is and I tell them, Smith Poodles! When I’m out of town, David does scenarios. He likes dressing him up and he “stays” with one command, like this one, when I was with grandchildren in Vegas.

Dinah Flurry – Texas


Hi Mick!

I just wanted to send you a quick update on how lovely our puppy, Walrus Murphy, has been doing since we got him last March. He is the smartest, most loving, sweet puppy that I have ever had. He loves car rides, hikes, and anything that has cheese on it. Thank you so much again for this incredible addition to our little family. We love him so much!

Lauren Walz










Hi Mick and Ann,AnnabelleAnnabelle2

It’s been a long time since I last sent you an update and pictures of Annabelle (Apricot/White Parti Female #3 out of Dixie & Preston’s litter born on 06/06/16). 

So, here is a quick update: She is such a love. I am so happy to have her in my life. She is well-behaved, full of energy, and loves everyone and everything. She is totally crate trained, and loves sleeping in her crate. She loves car rides and playing outside. She absolutely loves her toys. She is so funny. She has been spayed, and Mick, I believe we talked that day as I just wanted to update you on her surgery – Everything went perfectly and she was ready to play within hours after her surgery. So, I hope this update and her pictures find you both doing well.

Again, thank you for everything and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Emily Parry


Mick and Ann,

“Do I know you? We both have curly hair…are you my sister?”

I am sure you are wondering how our poodle is doing. My wife named him Cooley. This is a picture of Cooley and Malaya, our granddaughter. Cooley loves to run, he goes with me every morning to the barn and fields to feed the horses. He knows to wait at the gates till I tell him it is ok to go through. I had a mare and her colt in the first barnyard, He waits at the gate until I put her in the barn and come back for him.

He is very smart and listens very well. We are enjoying Cooley as a part of our family.

 Thank you

Merle & Rose




Hello, Mick! Here is Johnny. At 9 months, he weighed 56 lbs. He’s a happy, playful, handsome pup, the source of much joy.                                                                                           Rae Marie – Wyoming   












I wanted to send you some pictures of Remington, aka Remi (used to be Harley). He is such a nice boy! He adores our daughter, Evelyn, and is her constant companion (she lets me borrow him while she’s at school!). He rides in the car to pick her up from school every day and sleeps in her bed every night. When she lays down, he’s on the pillow next to her, but once she goes to sleep, he lays his head across her. Evelyn has always had some anxiety at night and wasn’t sleeping well. Since we’ve had Remi, every night has resulted in good sleep for the whole house!

 Thank you!!

Amanda McGee