Standard Poodle Health Issues

We are genetic breeders and our main focus is to produce Top of the Line Standard Poodles that are free from all health issues. To do that, we eliminate anything from our breeding program that has produced genetic health issues. We have been doing that for nearly twenty years of genetic breeding and have developed proven bloodlines that have finally reached a place where we just haven’t had any serious health issue for several years. We keep striving to produce the healthiest offspring with the best of temperaments, intelligence, conformation and beauty!

Genetic testing and OFA certifying? Even though genetic testing is proving to be beneficial, there are many confusing and misleading things being put out over the internet and other writings about it. At this time genetic testing determines that the sire and dam being bred is healthy. When breeding two dogs (or any species) together, there is a genetic pool that determines the genetics of the litter that will be born. That genetic pool can produce from many genetic possibilities. In fact, breeding the same male and female together more than once can produce different genetics from each breeding because each breeding can match up with different genetics (ancestry) from that genetic pool each breeding. That’s how, in humans, you can have offspring that are different. One may be tall, thin, light complected, etc. and another from the same mating be short, stocky, dark complected, etc. It’s because there were different genetics (ancestry) that matched up in that mating. So don’t be deceived into believing that because two dogs being mated have had genetic testing that they can’t produce diseased offspring. You would have to know the genetics of every dog in their genetic pool to determine that. It will take many years of genetic testing and if done by all breeders then we will have some true predictability. Every breeder, however, should have proper health testing done to determine that the dog(s) they intend to breed are healthy. No one should breed a diseased dog. Breeders who have knowledge and experience in breeding genetics to develop proven bloodlines over a period of several years have far more predictability in producing quality disease-free offspring. Just remember that purchasing your puppy from a professional experienced breeder who has and is producing proven bloodlines is the safest way to obtain a pet free of undesirable traits and disease. Give us a call if you would like further explanation 1-501-425-9842.

The most common health issues in Standard Poodles are eye retina displacement, heart & thyroid diseases, Von Willebrand’s disease and hip dysplasia. Although these are the most common diseases of the breed, it should be noted that breeders who pull from their bloodlines any dog that passes on a disease will certainly produce more offspring free of disease. We guarantee our puppies until they are two years of age against these diseases and fortunately for several years now we just haven’t had any real serious episodes of these diseases in the puppies we have produced.

Standard Poodles, being one of the large deep chested breeds, can encounter bloat (twisted stomach) which is thought to be more common in females than males. Our Veterinarian highly recommends that, when having your female spayed, you have your Veterinarian tack the stomach to a rib as a preventative of a twisted stomach. However, our Veterinarian does not recommend and invasive surgery of this type for the sole purpose of preventing bloat. It’s too rare to warrant such but when spaying a female it takes a small amount of extra procedure to accomplish this preventative measure. Our Veterinarian only charges a small additional fee for the added procedure. We have had many reports from our customers whose Veterinarian wanted to charge elaborate amounts for this procedure. It usually means that particular Veterinarian isn’t familiar with the procedure (although it is becoming  a more common procedure) and quotes an elaborate fee to discourage having it done. It such cases we recommend checking with more of the Veterinarians in your area and getting price comparisons.

Also, because Standard Poodles have large ears that hang down covering the ear openings, they are somewhat prone to ear infections from time to time. When bathing them avoid allowing water in their ears because that can cause what is know as swimmer’s ear, which is an external ear canal infection. Keep their ears clean basically like you would your own with a damp wash cloth with your finger cleaning the ear from the opening outwardly. Many times groomers who aggressively remove ear hair cause these ear infections. Be sure to instruct your groomer to be careful not to be too aggressive when removing ear hair. Some dogs are more prone to these external ear infections than others. If your Smith Poodle has a problem at some point in this area please give us a call and we will share with you the treatment that we have found most effective to treat and prevent these issues. [Back to the Top]

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