Picking Up or Shipping Your Puppy

We welcome all of our customers to visit us and tour our state-of-the-art facility. It makes everything easier for us and our Standard Poodles which, in the end, plays a significant part in providing you with a top quality Standard Poodle.

Some folks are fortunate enough to pick up their puppy here while others are not able to for various reasons and will need to have us send their puppy to them via the airlines. (Take a quick tour of our facility page if you can’t pick your puppy up here. It’s the next best thing to being here.)

Shipping puppies is very safe these days. We have shipped several hundred over the years and have never had a serious incident. Federal regulations on shipping live animals are very strict, making it much safer than ever before. Your puppy will come to you in a new crate which is yours to keep and is large enough to start crate training in.

We do everything for you; book the flight with the airlines, we insure your puppy for the entire purchase price and cost of shipping (even though we have never had a serious incident with all the puppies we shipped over these many years we still insure them so if anything ever did happen – no one loses). We also get the health certificate required by the airlines, provide the airline approved shipping crate, take the puppy to the airport and ensure that it is safely placed on the plane. We then call you when we know your puppy is on it’s way. We request that you call us as soon as you get your puppy so we know it has arrived safely.

We would like to say a few things about what to expect when you get your puppy and give a few tips on caring for your new family member. Whether you pick your puppy up here or have us ship him/her to you, there are still a few things we would like to go over with you, such as; house-training, crate training, nutrition, health issues, etc.

Let’s start with what to expect when you first introduce him or her to your new home and family.

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