Our Health Guarantee

Poodle puppy check up visitAll of our Standard Poodle puppies are guaranteed against:

  • Eye Retna Displacement,
  • Heart Disease,
  • Thyroid Disease,
  • Von Willabrand Disease and Hips Dysplasia for a full two years unless the terms of purchase sales contract states otherwise.

Once your puppy is picked up or shipped the sale is final and your puppy is covered by our guarantee. All of our puppies undergo clinical health exams for health clearance prior to being picked up or shipped.

Our Veterinarian examines their ears, eyes, teeth, bite, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, knees, hips, range of motion of joints, bone structure and overall health. Your puppy will be up-to-date on shots and will have been on a complete de-worming schedule and will have a fecal exam to insure there are no parasites or eggs present. Our puppies are guaranteed against eye retina displacement, heart disease, thyroid disease, Von Willabrands disease and hip dysplasia until they are two years of age.

We NOT guarantee against coccidian or giardia commonly occurring parasites in dogs and are commonly brought on by stress. We recommend that you have you puppy health checked by your Veterinarian. Please go to the information page and read the many tips that are there to help you in getting your new puppy.

We want to thank you for your consideration in adding one of our Smith Standard Poodle puppies to your family.

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