Our Contract

The following is our Terms of Purchase Contract that we will email you after you have called us for adoption approval for you available puppy choice or available upcoming litter pick (choice). When you call we will obtain your payment method including; credit/debit card, Paypal payment, bank check, e-check or bank wire.

We want to thank you for choosing Smith Standard Poodles to purchase your AKC registered Standard Poodle. Your purchase price is $1800 unless you choose a Full Tuxedo Parti marked puppy (Full Tuxedo Parti’s are $2000). You are placing a deposit for your purchase in the amount of $ 900 or $450 ($450 is only accepted as one-half the deposit amount on deposits for upcoming litter picks (choices). The remaining one-half deposit payment of $450 is due when the litter is born.) Your total balance (after the full deposit amount of $900 is paid) is due either when your puppy is picked up or your puppy is booked for the flight. If we ship the puppy to you via the airlines the cost of shipping is $400 which includes a new crate that is yours to keep and is large enough to start your crate training in and even though we have never had a serious incident shipping puppies, we still insure them for the full purchase price when shipping. Deposits and purchases are absolutely non-refundable, however, they are moveable to any other available puppy or available upcoming litter pick (choice) if for any reason you decide not to take the puppy or litter pick (choice) you placed your deposit for or if that upcoming litter didn’t produce the puppy you desired. Once your puppy is picked up or shipped the sale is final and your puppy is covered by our two year guarantee. All of our puppies undergo clinical health exams for health clearances prior to being picked up or shipped. Our Veterinarian examines their ears, eyes, teeth, bite, heart, lungs, lymph nodes, knees, hips, range of motion of joints, bone structure and overall general health. Your puppy will be up-to-date on shots and will have been on a complete de-worming schedule and will have a fecal exam to insure there are no parasites or eggs present. Our puppies are guaranteed against eye retina displacement, heart disease, thyroid disease, Von Willabrands disease and hip dysplasia until they are two years of age. We NOT guarantee against coccidian or giardia commonly occurring parasites in dogs and are commonly brought on by stress. We recommend that you have you puppy health checked by your Veterinarian. Please go to the information page and read the many tips that are there to help you in getting your new puppy. Once again, we want to welcome you to the Smith Standard Poodle Family. Congratulations on your choice of a Smith Standard Poodle.

Please respond to this email by clicking your reply button and email us stating exactly as shown below;
“I have received my terms of deposit for purchase email and agree to it.”

Yours truly,
Mick & Ann
2518 Ivy Chapel Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72206

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