Crate Training Your Poodle

This is something we highly recommend and your puppy will love their crate if properly acclimated to it. We recommend you use the crate your puppy was shipped in or one the size we showed you when you picked him or her up. Puppies have a tendency not to “hold-it” when put it too large of a crate before they are house-trained and/or crate trained. So, start off with a smaller crate that’s just large enough for them to stretch out, stand up, turn around and sit up in without touching their head and have just a little room left over.

Never use the crate for punishment or time-out! Never put water or food in the crate! It’s just their area for rest and sleeping and it should be as positive an experience as possible. We recommend you put the crate beside your bed starting the first night where they can hear, feel and smell your presence, then you can move it farther and farther away little by little until you get it where you plan for it to be permanently. You can move it back and forth for night and day areas where you can be near them for naps and such. You will notice them going to their crate for rests and naps if the door is left open for them. They love their crate!

Another very important matter to discuss is Nutrition

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